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Qualitative Attributes
... Keeping this view of mind, we have laid down several procedures for quality assurance and provide medicines that passes from International Organization for standardization i.e, ISO 9001:2008 & 9001:2015. These standards procedures are followed by employees while manufacturing the solid and liquid medicines. It helps in regulating the quality of Antibiotic Medicines and Liquid Suspensions we make. We ensure that the raw materials used in the formulation of medicines such as medicinal powders, chemical compositions, liquid and solid fibrous ingredients, etc. are of top notch quality and procured from trusted vendors only. We conduct tests on the medicines on the following parameters to gauge their quality:

  • Balance in the chemical composition
  • Effectiveness of the medicine against disease
  • Any harmful Side-effects of the medicine
  • Proposed benefits versus side-effects

Mission Statement

We aim to contribute to the overall health and wellness of the masses through reliable medicines that can counter diseases effectively. As a business organization, we continue to uphold our business values to retain customers and refine customer experience. We firmly belief in offering products for the betterment of our individuals and leave no stone unturned to maintain high standards in our products.

Infrastructural Setup
... With facilities and machinery to manufacture capsules, syrups and injections, we have the capacity to manufacture medicine in bulk quantities. We have acquired imported machines that can facilitate fast and error free production of medicines. Furthermore, we have built an advanced research and development facility where our chemical scientist continually experiment to improve the medicines and come up with new formulations.

Our Eco-Friendly Approach
As a pharmaceutical company, we deal with large amounts of chemical on a daily basis thereby creating chemical waste. But we take necessary to deal with the chemical waste in a way that does not harm our Mother Nature. We have installed chemical treatment plant that filters out all the harmful elements from the waste slurry and prevent it from poisoning our environment.